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Estonia is not the most accessible country for those who would like to come from central or western Europe by train or other more sustainable modes of travel but it is possible and we already know some people are planning to take the time and explore the region in the "slow travel" way. Here are some guidelines for arranging your trip and possible routes. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Matt Tips, IROICA Sustainability Officer,


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Useful websites for Green Travel


These sites can help to book a green travel to/from Estonia.

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Three proposed lines/convoys:

  • Green route - through Stockholm
  • Purple route - through Warsaw
  • Red route - crossing the Baltic Sea from Hamburg



Green route


STEP ONE: Travel to Hamburg or Copenhagen by 


STEP TWO: Take the train from Hamburg / Copenhagen to Stockholm


STEP THREE: Travel by ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn


Purple route


STEP ONE: Travel to Warsaw

From your own city/country travelling to Warsaw, where we gather, and travel together on Sunday morning (cfr infra).



Other cities/countries:


STEP TWO: Travel from Warsaw to Tallinn

In Warsaw we gather on Sunday, early in the morning, and travel together by bus to Tallin.

Departure: 6.15

Arrival: 23.20


Red route


STEP ONE: Travel to Hamburg by 


STEP TWO:  Travel by ferry to Helsinki (2 nights crossing)


STEP THREE: Travel by ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn