Tartu 2024

European Capital of Culture 2024 - Tartu


It is a true honour for us in Estonia to host you for the IROICA Staff Training this year, especially because Tartu is the European Capital of Culture for the whole year of 2024. 


Even though Tartu is often considered the cultural and intellectual capital of Estonia all the time, we feel lucky to have this platform of the European Capital of Culture to share this with the rest of Europe and why not the world. 


The capital of culture programme is hosted by the city of Tartu together with the rest of South Estonia. The year-long programme presents the story of the Arts of Survival – the knowledge, skills, and values that will help us lead a good life in the future. As a community, we want to share this information while also learning from others. 


Here are some highlights in the programme around the time of our event in case you can come earlier or stay longer: 

June 5-15, Arts of Survival Creative Nature Festival

June 8, Bird Jam

June 8-9, Nature Observation Marathon

June 13-15, Multimedia Performance Birth of the River Emajõgi

June 14-15, Finno-Ugric Days

June 15,  “Forgotten Peoples” V. Tormis / Chœur de l’Orchestre de Paris (conductor Ingrid Mänd)

June 16, Tartu Dance Celebration

Read more about the Tartu 2024 programme here.