Instructions to authors

Instructions to authors

Contributors are encouraged to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations. Abstracts for both types of contributions shall have the same formatting. Abstracts must be in good English – contributions with insufficient level of English may be rejected.

When writing up your abstracts please follow the format below and be sure that the main text will not exceed 400 words. Save your abstracts as .doc and submit via Please submit your abstracts by May 31st 2017.

Abstract format: 

  • Title of your contribution should be informative and should not be longer than 20 words (Times New Roman 14 bold)
  • Names of all authors with their affiliations. The name of the presenting author should be underlined. (Times New Roman 12)
  • The main body of the abstracts shall not be longer than 400 words, and should not be divided in paragraphs. (Times New Roman 12)
  • Acknowledgements for funding (optional, Times New Roman 10)

Oral presentations

Each standard oral presentation will have a time window of 20 minutes in the program. The presentations shall be 15 minutes long so there will be 5 minutes for discussion. The presentations shall be made in PowerPoint or in any other commonly used equivalent software compatible with standard PC.


The maximum dimensions of your poster presentations should be 115 cm in height and 75 cm in width.