International Symposium on the Environmental Physiology of Ectotherms and Plants (ISEPEP) is a small, single-session meeting that is very student-friendly, and which usually attracts attendees from 20+ countries. It is descended from the European Workshops on Invertebrate Ecophysiology and the International Symposia on Cold Hardiness in Ectotherms and Plants. Previous ISEPEP meetings have been held in Roskilde (Denmark), Dunedin (New Zealand), Tsukuba (Japan), Rennes (France), London, Ontario (Canada), and Aarhus (Denmark). The meeting usually has something of a focus on water balance, anhydrobiosis and thermal biology, particularly of insects and other invertebrates, however participants have open minds, and we also welcome researchers on plants, microbes, ectothermic vertebrates, behaviour and evolution.

Due to the relative small size and informal nature of this meeting ISEPEP has been the origin of numerous international collaborations and exchange programs and many young scientists have found post doc opportunities at ISEPEP.

In 2017 ISEPEP7 will be held in Tartu (Estonia). This time we aim to enlarge the terrestrial invertebrate biology topics to more applied direction to include the hazards of pesticides on non-target organisms and how to employ the new physiological knowledge for environmentally friendly plant protection.


Cold tolerance

Heat tolerance

Ion & Water Balance


Phenotypic plasticity

Evolutionary physiology

Metabolism & Energetics

Gas exchange


Insect physiology and plant protection