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XXX EURAGRI Conference

“The bio-economy – challenges and implementation – the research organizations’ perspective”

co-hosted by the Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs and the Estonian University of Life Sciences


25th – 27th September 2016

Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu, Estonia


The agri-food sector, as an integral part of the bio-economy, serves a multitude of functions, sometimes with conflicting implications. In order to maintain a competitive sector that also values environmental services and rural development, the continuous development and application of new technologies but also new organizational forms will be crucial. Both will also transform the sector.

What are the implications for the research organisations working within this context? What is their role in implementing bio-economy strategies? What is the impact on research? Are changes necessary with regard to curricula and teaching methods concerning university education?

EURAGRI and the Estonian University of Life Sciences invite you to reflect on the opportunities and challenges encountered in implementing a bio-economy strategy. We offer an informative and inspiring dialogue for all actors interested to exchange ideas, experiences, challenges and opportunities related to structural and strategic changes as a consequence of a developing bio-economy and to diffuse the shared knowledge for future food for thought.


The conference language is English. The conference is free of charge however the participants are expected to pay for their own travel and accommodation.