Call for abstracts

Call for Abstracts for the International Crane Conference

Abstracts of oral presentations and posters should be about 3000-4000 characters (without spaces), i.e. ca 1-1.5 A4 pages long text. Also, full-length scientific articles are welcome!

If you could not participate at the conference for some reason, but you would like to present your results of crane research, your article is also welcome!

In preparing abstracts, please ensure that:

   · the abstract is prepared as a MS Word document or equivalent;

   · the first word in the first line of the abstract page (in bold font and capital letters) should indicate your first choice regarding presentation options: TALK or POSTER;

   · The title of the presentation is in bold font;

   · Names and affiliations for all authors included, with email address also included for the first/correspondence author;

   · Text focused on your results should have the following chapters: Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, References and Acknowledgements to give readers the main background to understand the context.

   · References: ampersand (&) should be used instead of “and” to separate authors and use et al. if more than two authors. In the text, when referring to more than one publication, arrange by year of publication (ascending) and alphabetical order for the same year. In the list of references, journal names are not italicised and written in full. Each reference must be separated from the next one with one blank line. An example:


Ojaste, I., Leito, A., Suorsa, P., Hedenström, A., Sepp, K., Leivits, M., Sellis, U., Väli, Ü. 2020. From northern Europe to Ethiopia: long-distance migration of Common Cranes (Grus grus). Ornis Fennica 97: 12–25.


The booklet of programme and abstracts and full-length articles with resume will be printed before the conference and will also be available as a PDF file. No additional Conference Proceedings will be printed after the conference.