Crane 2022

Hello! In light of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the general security of conference participants, the Conference Organization Committee has decided to postpone the Crane Conference from September 2022 to March or September 2023. At present, it is difficult or impossible for many of our crane experts to get visas or travel to Estonia this fall. In addition, cooperation among Estonian and Russian universities and research institutions has been officially interrupted. We had already made our decision several weeks ago. However, being an optimist, I was waiting to see if the situation would improve. I apologise for keeping you unaware of the details of the conference!  Due to the postponed timing of the conference, the Conference Organization Committee will meet again in September-October this year to decide on the possibility of holding the conference in March or September 2023. We will send a personal email to every person registered for the crane conference Tartu 2022 about the final decision. With best wishes in the name of the Conference Organization Committee, Ivar Ojaste Dr. Ivar Ojaste Senior Lecturer of Environmental Ecology and Applied Ornithology Chair of Environmental Protection and Landscape Management Estonian University of Life Science Kreutzwaldi 5, 51006 Tartu Estonia Mobile phone: +372 5215151 Email: