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Travelling to Tallinn


By plane

Tallinn airport has direct flights from most bigger European hubs, so if possible, prefer these. Tallinn airport is very close to the city centre (about 15 minutes by car), so it's very convenient to fly in and out from. Check flights on Tallinn airport website. 

If you do fly to and/or from Tallinn airport, know that you've visited one of Europe's best and probably coziest airport. 


By boat

Tallinn harbour receives boats from Helsinki and Stockholm every day so if you have a flight to one of those cities, consider the possibility of taking a ship from there to Tallinn. From Stockholm, there is an overnight cruise ship (leaving from Stockholm at 17.30 and arriving in Tallinn at 10.45 in the morning) and from Helsinki there are many boats every day, the approximate travel time is 2 hours. For tickets, check Tallink company website. 



Travelling to Tartu


By plane

Tartu airport will start operating flights from Helsinki from March 31, 2024, so if you need to get to Tartu quickly, this could be an option for you. Tartu airport is located about 20 minutes from the city centre and you can take a taxi to get to the city from there or to go there. Flights will be operated by Finnair. Check flights on Finnair website.  


By train

You can arrive in Tartu by train from Tallinn in approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. Definitely book a ticket in advance on the Elron website and to have an assigned seat, definitely book a seat in the first class. Second class tickets have no assigned seating and popular times like end of work day, Friday afternoons and Sundays might be so busy that you might have to stand all the way from Tallinn to Tartu. To avoid that, book a seat on the train in advance. You can book a ticket up to 2 weeks in advance. 


By bus

From Tallinn

Buses run between Tallinn and Tartu at least every hour throughout the day (from 7.00 until 23.30). The most popular and comfortable company to use for this is LuxExpress. You should definitely book a ticket in advance to make sure you have a seat on the bus. You can book on their website here. You can take the bus from Tallinn airport directly to Tartu. Please note that most buses that leave Tallinn or Tartu on the hour, also make a stop on EMÜ campus (Tartu näitused bus stop), so if you need to arrive directly to the conference or leave directly after the conference, you can easily do that, as long as you choose Tartu näitused as your destination or departure point. 

For all bus schedules in Estonia, check the Tpilet website. 


From Riga

If your flight is to Riga, it is worth checking if you could take a bus from Riga to Tartu or Tallinn. LuxExpress buses run between the cities every day. Book a ticket on their website here.