Forestry conference for Baltic PhD students 2019




We are happy to announce the preliminary info of Forestry conference for Baltic PhD students.


The target group is forestry PhD students from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The purpose of the conference is to improve the forest science networking across the Baltic states by presenting the latest results of their work. The participants have the chance to give oral or poster presentations.

To give a presentation or poster an abstract of 300 words is needed to submit by the date of April 12th 2019.


Abstract form


Poster should be printed in the size of A0. The lenght of the oral presentation is 15+5 min.

Registration deadline: April 22th 2019




On the 9th May the oral presentation and poster session will be held.

On the 10th May a forestry excursion will be held in the Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest District.

A more precise daily schedule will be announced soon.


Cost: There is no fee for the attendance of the conference, as well as the accommodation and food are free for the participants. However, the arrival of the participants is by their own hand.



On behalf of the organizing committee,

Hardo Becker




This event is organised by the Doctoral School of Earth Sciences and Ecology, supported by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund (Estonian University of Life Sciences ASTRA project „Value-chain based bio-economy“).