Research donation

Would you be interested in supporting the purchase of a GPS transmitter to study the breeding and migration ecology of Common cranes, for example, in connection with a conference? In that case, you can donate (not tax-free) Estonian University of Life Sciences to purchase the transmitter(s).


Donations can be made separately to the Estonian University of Life Sciences bank account EE021010102000308001; when donating, use the keyword "Crane transmitter".


The donor will receive the following:

1. "own" crane from Estonia, to which he/she/they give a name;

2. if it takes several donors to buy one tag, they will be added up, informed personally and together, they can choose a name for a crane;

3. to choose, depending on their interests, whether to use the transmitter for marking the crane in the summer of 2023 in Western Estonia, Northern Estonia or Eastern Estonia from where the crane migrates along the SW-flyway, SW- or S- or SW flyway, respectively;

4. the donor(s) can personally choose whether their transmitter will be used for tagging a juvenile or a breeding adult crane. If the preference is for the adult breeding bird, but the capture is unsuccessful for whatever reason, the transmitter will be used for a juvenile crane;

5. personalised information is sent to the donor(s) immediately after tagging the crane, along with marking details and photographs. Information about the donors and the results of the tagging will also be published at the conference;

6. information on the movements of the crane(s) will be made available to the public on the website with the consent of the donor(s);

7. if the information about the crane is used in a scientific article, a personal thanks to the donor(s) is included at the end of the paper;

8. at least during the post-conference tour, we will also try to observe these specific cranes.