Program of the Conference in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Prof H.-C. Dubourguier
„Innovation in research of environmental protection“


February 7, 2018

10.30-11.00 Registration of Participants. Welcome Coffee

11.00-13.15 Morning  Session
Moderator: Dr. Margit Heinlaan (National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, NICPB)

• 11.00 Opening and Greetings
Prof. Mait Klaassen. Rector of Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU)
Mme. Claudia Delmas-Scherer, Ambassadrice de France en Estonie

•  11.15-11.45 Dr Anne Kahru - Henri-Charles Dubourguier: 15 years of scientific cooperation connecting EMU and NICPB (NICPB)

•  11.45-12.15 Dr. Margit Heinlaan - Daphnia magna in nanoecotoxicological studies (NICPB)

•  12.15-12.45 Dr. Villem Aruoja - Microalgae as indicators of environmental hazard (NICPB)

•  12.45-13.15 Prof. Ülo Niinemets, Head of the Centre of Excellence EcolChange – Ecology of Global Change: natural and managed ecosystems (EMU)

13.10-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.50 Afternoon Session
Moderator: Villem Aruoja (National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, NICPB)

•  14.00-14.20 Dr. Fabien Cremona, Models for investigating the ecology of lacustrine ecosystems (EMU)

•  14.20-14.40 Prof Mait Kriipsalu, Dr. Kaja Orupõld - Stability of bio-waste products (EMU)

•  14.40-15.00 Prof. Bertrand Pourrut, Head of the International MSc Sustainable Management of Pollution (SMaP) - Towards a better evaluation of plant health: uses for environmental biomonitoring and remediation of contaminated sites (ISA Lille)

•  15.00-15.20 Dr. Karim Al Souki​Sustainable management of contaminated sites in Norther France (ISA Lille)

•  15.20-15.45 Prof. Kalev Sepp, Prof. Bertrand Pourrut - Henri-Charles Dubourguier: 10 years of training courses and teaching at EMU (EMU, ISA Lille)

•  15.45-16.05 Ms. Kaie Metsaots - What Could Estonian Industrial Oil Shale Region Adopt from Foreign Initiatives to Improve Tourism and Socio-economic Conditions (EMU, PhD student)

16.05-16.25 Coffee Break

16.25-17.30. Memories of Henri-Charles Dubourguier
- Mr. Illar Lemetti
, Chancellor of Ministry of Rural Affairs
- Prof.  Endla Reintam, Vice-Rector of Studies, Estonian University of Life Sciences
- Mr. Aret Vooremäe, Director of the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Open Microphone
- Slide Program “Memories of Henri-Charles Dubourguier”.

ca 19.30 - Conference Dinner (Registration needed!)